That Sea Level Lobster Roll

Oh the delicious taste of a lobster roll done just right.

The fresher the better. And that’s why we get our lobsters delivered to our door several times a week from the coasts of Maine. The lobster comes in live – and at Sea Level NC, we’ve got one person on staff almost entirely dedicated to preparing the delicacy, so you get it fresh, fresh, fresh.

From there, we don’t have to do much to it.

We mix up a light mayo base, lemon, chives and dill and plate the flavors on a split-top buttered roll, with a perfectly-crisped bun. It’s the ideal canvas for the chilled, lobster flavor.

Try ’em for lunch, dinner or take out! Here’s the number so you can plug it on in your phone: 704.412.2616

See you soon.

Alex Flores